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Web Design for Brand New Stairlift Site

netpub needed a new web page design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 40 designs submitted by 14 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - kelly_hero
"kelly_hero" is... Our Hero! With 152 entries, submitted by 12 separate Designers, we had our work cut-out for us! Indeed, while we were adept enough in our own efforts to write a Design Brief that offered each of our 12 Designers to "Design-by-the-Numbers", based on carefully articulated Guidelines, the design presented by "kelly_hero" distinguished itself from the rest in one decisive way. From the beginning, it was clear that, not only did "kelly_hero" craft a design wherein "Form" aligned perfectly with "Function", but "kelly_hero" knows Coding! It was her Coding skills, clearly demonstrated in her design, that immediately set "kelly_hero" a part from the rest; and to our extraordinary benefit! We are forever grateful! Thank you "kelly_hero"... for being Our Hero!
- assistme

How netpub started their web page design journey


We are looking for a talented web designer to create 2 pages and a comparison table for our brand new site, We need a high quality design that appeals to our target audience, the over 50's.
We require:
1. A home page with logo.
2. An interior page template
3. A comparison table of all stair lift models that can be added to an interior page.
No coding. We just require a .psd with all layers and all cropped images in a zip file.

Company name

Stairlift Advisor - The Stairlift Experts

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

We are launching a brand new site called  The purpose of the site will be to provideimpartial advice on the various types of stairlifts available and to direct thevisitor to submit their details for more information. We are authorized onlinedealers for Acorn, Stannah, Companion and Brooks stairlifts.  Please visit the following websites to seethe products that we will be selling:

Target Market:
The target market is the over 50s and therefore it’s very important that thewebsite exudes professionalism and trustworthiness.

Site Layout:
Optimized for screen size:  1024x768  
We would like a top navigation menu in a tab style that will have the followingpages:
·        Acorn
·        Stannah
·        Companion
·        Brooks
·        ComparisonChart

We wouldlike a left hand text navigation menu to contain the following:
·        Home
·        StraightStairlifts
·        CurvedStairlifts
·        OutdoorStairlifts
·        SpecialOffers
·        FAQ
·        Articles

We may addadditional pages at a later date, so it needs to be easy for us to edit and addextra menu links if we need to.

We wouldlike a footer menu to contain the following:
·        Home
·        AboutUs
·        ContactUs
·        PrivacyPolicy
·        ColourScheme:

We do likeblues with perhaps purple or greens. An example of a site we quite like is:

We alsoquite like the way the logo is done on this site and their left navigation.Please don’t just copy this design though. We want something original and uniquethat will really stand out.

We alsoliked the purple colour in this recent contest:…es/1626688

We are opento suggestions on this as you are the designers and are probably betterqualified to make a judgement on what colours look the best. As we have alreadymentioned, the target audience is the over 50s.

Above The Fold:At the top of thepage there should be a section Why Choose a Stairlift? Below this there will bethe main benefits of stairlifs. These should have ticks next to them:
·        Safe,reliable and easy to use
·        Regainfreedom and independence in your home
·        Costeffective alternative to moving
·        Quickand simple installation
·        Runningcost approximately 10p per day

Thereshould be a strong call to action button below this that says “Request FreeInformation”

Main Body:Below the “Whychoose a stairlift” area there will be the main body of text which willcomprise 2-3 paragraphs.

Latest Article:
We would like a section on the site which will contain a snippet from ourlatest article. We will leave it to your discretion where this should be.

Right Hand Column:
We want a contact form to be prominently displayed on the right hand side andabove the fold when a visitor lands on the site. The form should really standout so visitors are compelled to fill it in. There should be a hero shot of ahappy elderly couple above the form. We will provide this picture.

Pictures and graphics:We will provide ahero shot photo. However, if you find a better hero shot then please feel freeto use it. We recommend IStock Photo. We will also provide logos for thecompanies that we represent and photos of stair lift models. Please view andcopy all images from:

Interior Page:
We are looking for a template which we can use to create pages on eachmanufacturer. The page should have a picture of the stairlift and the companylogo. The page will contain an article about the manufacturer.

Comparison Page:
We will provide an excel spreadsheet which will contain the data for the table.We really want an aesthetically pleasing comparison chart which will blend inwell with the site. We would like the text to be editable so that we can editthe data if it needs changing at a later date. Please feel free to use thecompany logos that we provided and use ticks and crosses instead of yes or noif you want. We like web 2.0 ticks and crosses.

Pleasedownload the excel spreadsheet from here:

If you have any questions or feedback for us please leave a comment in thediscussion thread. We will be checking this on a regular basis while thecontest is happening.

Future Opportunities:We are launchingnew sites every month and are looking to establish a long term relationshipwith a quality designer for our future projects. We would like to exchangecontact information with the winning contestant.

Best ofluck to all of you. We look forward to seeing all your fantastic work!


- A website which exudesprofessionalism and trustworthiness
- Original design concept
- .psd with all layers. Cropped images in ZIP.

Don't want

- Payment method other than PayPal

Custom package


Free features

  • Open contest
  • Fast-tracked



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