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Redesign for Grow VC website

Grow VC needed a new web page design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 23 designs submitted by 4 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - KimKiyaa
Creating application design for Scattre ( Kim did a great job understanding the mockups and the further clarifications and was flexible when changing drafts. I can recommend Kim.
- Robert@Inqbr

How Grow VC started their web page design journey

Brand name

Grow VC - Grow Venture Community -


We are building Grow Venture Community, a online service to maximize the support for the revolution of enabling more startups around the globe.

Grow VC is a global online community of entrepreneurs, investors and related industry actors around the world. The service provides tools for connecting and engaging with growing startups and opportunities such as work investment, community funding and angel investment.

The core concept of the service is that all paying members also become micro VC’s, as a considerable part of their membership fee is allocated as their budget via our community fund. This allows paying members to make micro level investment decisions to those startups that they believe are the very best ones from the thousands of startups around the world. Grow VC enables the effective use of small capital to crowdfund and crowdsource the most interesting startups, while investment opportunities can be found for those looking to make actual investments using our service, without any commission fees.

We are also always open for new entrepreneurial people to join our global team (yes it could be you). If you are interested, check out:…f-history/

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Primary target group: Entrepreneurs, angel investors, incubators, VC's, local ecosystems, networks (etc) from around the world. Specially those that can see new ways needed to enable entrepreneurship and startups.

Secondary target group: Common people. At the same time we also want to attract more common people to join enable new ventures by crowdfunding.

Our values are:
* global
* transparent
* open
* collaborative
* efficient


The most important thing for each page is to be able to quickly cater for the need of the visitor in each situation (more details below). Also as the concept and service itself is complex enough - simplicity is highly appreciated.

Whatever is available in the site and provided materials at the moment, please feel free to design suggestions for new & additional items, functions or content for the pages as you see fit from your creative perspective for the audience in question.

We are looking for full width design style that goes from left to right and a design where the bottom of the page (footer) is used for the maximum benefit/navigation.

Via attachments, we are sharing some of the feedback we have got for our existing pages/site via various sources. These may not all be up to date or relevant, but there are still valuable content to think about. There are also our current style guide, but feel free to go as creative as you like for new redesign.

As the competition progresses, we will actively collect internal and external feedback from the proposals and communicate it here.

Number of pages


Page descriptions

The pages we are looking to get the redesigned are:

1. the landing page ( this is mainly for new and occasional visitors. People that are new to Grow VC and for those that are some how related to what we do, but not active inside the service. It's important to have information and navigation to quickly understand and find relevant information. And naturally to register for the service. This page will also include a one minute video that explains the service (video is not yet available).

- would like to see version where video is given prime location. Maybe also to use videos first still frame as part of the design or to display some other relevant image

- would like to see login buttons including: facebook, twitter and linkedin

Facebook login button:…ins/login/
Linkedin login button:
twitter login button:…th_twitter

- And also how the facebook social plugin would fit the best. facebook social plugin is importnat as that displayes who of the visitors friend are already liking the service. One idea could be to use it as a massive element, but thats just an idea.

maybe like:…_white.jpg

2. Dashboard, this is the home page for the actual users of our service. Ie. main page for the logged in users. important to find information about "what going on in the service", action points, new discovery, etc.

3. Generic page design for style that is used for informative main pages (like about, people, etc.), blog, tour, etc. - For example of this page design you can make a visual from Blog page or from "subscribe" page. It's important that the page include generic design that is consistent with other main pages, have generic content area are logical areas for additional information items to promote other content.

Existing website

Current landing page

(you need to register / log-in to see the page for authentic experience)

Samples of generic page

Example websites - nothing to do about what our service is, but like the site for it's simplicity of explaining their service and specially for their overall style, landing page and pricing page. & - could also include these type of "slide" element that is these page ( - for different roles / personas) but must consider the video also.

Silver package


Paid features

  • Featured listing
  • Twitter promotion

Free features

  • Blind contest
  • Fast-tracked



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