Completed contest

Design for new real estate research website - **$800**

PDS Marketing needed a new web page design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 49 designs submitted by 12 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - bearbrick
Great Work. Thanks for final changes as well
- David9391306

How PDS Marketing started their web page design journey


PriceFinder is a property research website application that provides real estate agents, property professionals and private investors access to the latest property sales and statistics around the country.

We're looking for a fresh, modern – web 2.0, clean and crisp website template as part of our rebranding of our flagship product. Format will be psd (with vector graphics).

Creative license is encouraged over colour variants, layout & graphics however the sites primary colour scheme should tie in with our logo.

1 x Product Homepage Design.
1 x Content page template.

Extra incentives (Add $200) can be earned for delivery into a XHTML template (stylesheets, graphics etc). Potential for ongoing work (image creation, mobile app etc).

Brand name

PriceFinder - "Australia's most accurate property PriceFinder"

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

Pricefinder is a cool new property research tool for 4 major vertical markets: Real Estate Agents, Valuers (appraisers), property development companies and private property investors.

We have been established under a different brand (see for years but are now changing to a new brand (

We provide property sales data, charts, price estimates, maps, etc. We need a new landing page + sub content to communicate some of our most compelling features (maps and pricefinding) to many different types of visitors (consumers included).

We’d like an easily / quick landing page to :
• Communicate what we do in pictures and words (animated / moving is good)
• Let visitors quickly and easily signup for a demonstration of our products
• Easily find out more about what we offer (links to sub content pages)



Possible site template (Guidance only)…mplate.htm

Homepage Layout (Possible design option only)

Header Content - Sub-menu navigation

• Home
• Products & Pricing - Links to blank content page
• Contact Us - Links to blank content page

Logo – To be located top left hand side.
Login in here icon - This will link to external app
Sign up icon – This will link to a content page containing free trial/sign up now form

Page Content

Product Verticals – All products will link to a content page containing detailed product & pricing information and sign up form.
• Real Estate

• Valuers

• Developers

• Investors

Sign up for demo form - First Name, Last Name, Company, Email, Phone, Type (Real Estate etc)

Flash Promo – This can contain either be embedded into the homepage or be a static image which can link to a Lightbox containing flash imagery.
Ticker – To contain scrolling suburb statistics detailing latest % growth etc.
Latest News– To contain brief news headlines animated with link to content page with detailed news articles. (Latest News/Testimonials can use tabbed content panel if space an issue)
Testimonials – To contain brief testimonial quotes animated with link to content page with detailed testimonials. (Latest News/Testimonials can use tabbed content panel if space an issue)
Free Stuff – To link to content page containing ‘free stuff’ form. User can gain free access to suburb profiles.
Partner/Feature Item – Interchangeable image containing latest feature or partner (e.g. Now available on iphone) which would link to a content page.
Footer Navigation - Bottom box (tags), terms & conditions, copyright, privacy policy, site map etc.

Page Layout – Content Page (Possible design option only)

Content page template required to mirror homepage in header and footer content only.

Header Content – Sub-menu Navigation

As above

Page Content

Page Graphic – To contain horizontal image with page name and graphic relating to page
Content Column #1 – Can be used for interior page navigation.
Content Column #2 – Main page content goes here and image placeholders go here

Footer Navigation - As above


Homepage Site References – This site will eventually be replaced with The homepage and content pages of this site will be refreshed and mirrored on the site. – This is a placeholder brochure site only. Can be used for site text and imagery.

Content Page Site References

Pricing –…rvice=page
Sign up now –…rvice=page
Help page -…rvice=page

Site Inspirations Homepage design, good use of imagery, content pages design Bottom box tags, Sign up experience Freshness - Freshness – Homepage design

Icon References (Commercial licenced)…icons-set/…icons-set/…icons-set/…icons-set/

Image References…r_logo.psd…r_logo.jpg…eguide.pdf…creen1.png…creen2.png…creen3.png…creen4.png

Feel free to edit screen shots to suit. Additional photos depicting property, real estate, technology, business, innovation may be required.


- Web 2.0
- A modern, fresh, clean, non-busy design with good use of imagery
- Final Output as a psd file
- We’re flexible on the colors but the design should be consistent with the color of our current logo in the included
Homepage must fit to 1024 x 768 (no scroll preferred but vertical scroll ok if required)
- Content page must fit to 1024 width (vertical scroll ok)
- Common fonts (unless in imagery)
- Imagery text font – Avant Garde Gothic Std

Don't want

- High page download (Site is used by users on varying internet speeds)

Custom package


Free features

  • Open contest
  • Guaranteed
  • Fast-tracked



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