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Custom eCommerece Website Layout For Clothing Company

Digital Lowdown needed a new web page design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 11 designs submitted by 4 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - TheStorySoFar
Excellent designer, detail oriented, creative and very responsive. Was patient with many little changes and adjustments. Very professional and pleasant to deal with. I got exactly what I wanted. Highly recommended.
- arianecap

How Digital Lowdown started their web page design journey


We need a high end trendy clothing sales website to promote and sell our clothing line. Design needs to be trendy and unique in its own way to rival our competition. Break out of the Web 2.0 mold!

This contest is for the graphic layout only, no coding required.

Brand name

Ascent Clothing

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

This contest is for the uncoded design of an ecommercewebsite layout for my clothing company. The winning design will include thefollowing pages:

1. Home page

2. Category Pages

3. Product Page

4. Blank Template Page

Designers are encouraged to post there home page conceptfirst and then if we like your design, we will invite you to post theadditional pages (you will be provided with the additional page details)

About Ascent Clothing:

Ascent clothing is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle,ascent is royal it is powerful, it is the epitome of success and never beingsatisfied. It is a person who has the world by the horns, but is still strivingfor more.

To portray that we are very fond of ancient royalty and coats of arms, andthe icons that are associated with royalty Please NO skulls, skeletons, ordeath, gore or demon motifs.

Our competition is companies like Monarchy, Rebel Spirit,Salvage, Affliction, and other lifestyle brands.

Our clothing is also vintage and distressed high fashionclothing with ornate, and or elaborate and highly detailed designs similar tothose of the above mentioned companies, however we are tired of the over use ofskulls, death, demonics and morbidity in the designs. Therefore our clothingfeatures similar yet unique designs that provide the wearer with the same greatart work and elaborate fashionable designs but using themes that do notincorporate the heavy use of skulls, death, gore, demonics and morbidity.

Brand Name: Ascent Clothing

Tag Line: It’s More Than A Brand, It’s A Lifestyle!

Site Style/Theme:

The layout and design of the site should be focused aroundthe above description of the Ascent Clothing brand.

All aspects of the site layout need to tie in with eachother to create an overall consistent feel and theme for the site. Look at someof our example sites below for ideas of detail.

Be Creative!, this is a high fashion eCommerce site sellingin demand high end lifestyle clothing and the site must fit the look of theclothes and the brand itself. Break out of the web 2.0 design mold.

Elements: Creative – Fresh – Attractive - Strength; Not Weakness


Open to color options, however the site should not be darkand dreary, and also not super bright.


Fixed Width of 760px


Logo Text+Logo Icon

Location for Search box and button

Top Navigation: Welcome to Ascent Clothing! (in Bold), MyAccount , My Wishlist, My Cart, Checkout, Log In

Left Side Column Navigation:







Below the left side navigation, I need a themed and styledFree Shipping image.

Required Text: “Free Shipping, Orders Over $100, *Not ValidFor International Orders”

Below that I need a themed and stylized Newsletter Opt-InImage that I can place my aweber autoresponder opt in boxes and button in.

Required Text: “Win Free Gear!, Sign Up For The AscentNewsletter.”

Right Side Column (main content area)

Immediately to the right of the left side navigation I wantthere to be a big area for me to post promotional pics from our photo shoot ora flash component later. For now you can mock up some of the sample imagesprovided to make it look nice.

Below that I want a Stylized and Themed Banner that promotesa chance to win a free Ascent Clothing Wardrobe. This needs to be a catchy andhip banner that stands out and yet also fits in with the site.

Below the banner I would like a featured product sectionthat shows off between 2 and 4 pieces of clothing from our line. You can use oursample images for your mock up.


Bottom Navigation: About Us, Contact Us, Blog, FAQ,Wholesale, Sponsorship Program, Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, SiteMap, Affiliate Program

© 2009 Ascent Clothing, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Design By DigitalLowdown.

Vector Artwork and Sample Images:…

Websites We Like: (forfashion style, not layout)

Accepted File Format: Layered .PSD file


If your design is selected, you agree to forward ALL source files andmaterial for the deliverables upon payment.

Your design is not a copy or alteration of someone elses design.

If nothing is found to meet our identity strategy, I reserve the right tocancel this contest.

You are the legal owner of said deliverables, and hold all rights to saiddeliverables.

You agree to transfer ownership and all rights of said deliverables to meupon payment.

Full payment for site design of $250 is only paid if all requirements aremet and all required pages are delivered.

Payment will be made by Credit Card or PayPal on the end date of thecontest. Western Union can be arranged,however the designer will have to pay the fees out of their prize money.

I reserve the right to extend deadline if no winner is declared.


I want the designers to first design their concept of a mainhome page as described above. Designs that we like will be invited to providetheir concepts of the additional required pages (category page, product page,blank template page)

I want creative styles in your designs….and if you have anidea for a better way to lay out the site/content, feel free to wow me.

Don't want

- Web 2.0 designs

- Rip off of other websites

- Stock Templates or modified template designs.

Custom package


Free features

  • Open contest
  • Fast-tracked



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