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IT consulting firm needs a new corporate web site (design only)

IMA needed a new web page design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 207 designs submitted by 47 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - sam2305
Shyam (sam2305) was an absolute pleasure to work with on this project. He came up with great designs, and when I made suggestions, he would make the suggested changes but often usually take it even further to get to a better result. Nothing was ever too hard, and he was very patient with numerous revisions (I'm a perfectionist!). The other great thing is that he would respond to comments within secondsand have new revised designs within minutes. The final result is amazing, and everyone I've showed has been blown away. Thanks Shyam, and I look forward to working with you in the future.
- clinks

How IMA started their web page design journey


IMA Management & Technology is a boutique information technology and management consulting firm that provides strategic planning, project management, business analysis and specialist technical expertise to deliver successful business and technology solutions.

We require a new corporate web site as part of the rebranding of our company. Our logo design contest was recently held in which we received over 2300 submissions!

There will be two target audiences for the website (1) prospective clients and (2) prospective employees.

Our clients are generally large corporations and government departments so a professional and innovative looking design is a must.

We are constantly recruiting for IT and management consultants so we need a web site that appeals to the most talented people, showing that IMA Management & Technology is a dynamic and progressive company.

The design must look professional and should direct prospective clients and employees to take action eg. 'Contact IMA' or 'Join IMA' (not specifically in those words though).

Please be original and innovative in your designs.

Brand name

IMA Management & Technology

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

Design of the home page for our corporate website, you will also be asked to supply a 'template/format' that the remaining pages will be based on.

Menu bar to have the following tabs:

- Home

- Company

- Services

- Consultants

- Clients

- Careers @ IMA

- Contact Us

Please also leave room for additional tabs that may be added in the future.

Our services will be the following:

- Strategic Planning/Advisory

- Project Management

- Business Analysis

- Technical Expertise

We will be using the ModX CMS

Our logo (inc. RGB settings) can be found at the following address:…2009-04-08

Please use our preferred font: Gill Sans MT

I will require photo's/image files to also be supplied, please use high quality images that represent business, technology, partnership, collaboration and innovation.

Additional text that you can use:

About us

IMA Management & Technology is a boutique information technology and management consulting firm that provides strategic planning, project management, business analysis and specialist technical expertise to deliver successful business and technology solutions.
With project experience across numerous industries, utilising various technologies and project management methodologies, we have become the preferred partner for many of Australia’s largest corporations, universities and government organisations.
The value proposition that we deliver to our clients is flexibility of engagement, competitive pricing and most importantly, high calibre consultants.
Our company has grown on a reputation of retaining the most talented consultants to ensure project success and technical excellence and we are well positioned to assist your organisation to realise its business and technology objectives.
As leaders in innovation and experts in project management, we have developed our own project management methodology which can be adapted to your organisation to ensure successful project outcomes.
IMA Management & Technology, where People + Innovation = Solutions.

IMA Management & Technology offers a range of business and technology consulting services to work in collaboration with our clients to deliver projects or programmes/portfolios of projects on time and under budget.

IMA Management & Technology can provide management consulting services including strategic advisory on how information technology should be used to achieve and support your organisation’s overall business strategy and objectives.

We can assist your organisation with all of your information technology project needs, from managing and delivering an entire project, to supporting your project team by providing specific technical, analysis or project management expertise.

IMA Management & Technology utilises industry best practice methodologies in our service delivery including PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments), PMBOK (Project Management Body Of Knowledge) and Agile.

Additionally, through the combined experiences and expertise of our talent pool, we have developed a progressive project management methodology which can be adapted to your organisation to ensure project success.

Our service offering is unique in the fact that we provide some of the highest calibre consultants available, within a flexible and cost effective delivery model.

Contact details:

IMA Management & Technology
Level 17, 303 Collins Street Melbourne Victoria Australia 3000
Phone: 61 3 9667 0181 Fax: 61 3 9663 2616
Email: contact

Some of our clients are:

- Australia Post

- Deakin University

- VicRoads

- Victorian State Government

- Vodafone


- SuperPartners

We are an Oracle Certified Partner and are in the process of abtaining Microsoft Gold Certification.

We are project management experts and our staff are certified in PRINCE2, PMBOK, ITIL and Agile methodologies (feel free to add these logo's into the design).

We are approved suppliers on the following preferred supplier panels:

- Victorian Government eServices Panel

- Australian Government ICT Management Consulting Panel

- Victoria Police Oracle Services Panel

We will have a company vision which may be included on the home page or may be in one of the content pages under  Company/About Us.

We may have a news or newsletter function.


- Use of our new logo in a dominant position/size
- Use of our preferred font Gill Sans MT
- Use of our preferred colours (IMA blue and grey) but not too much blue
- Photo's which relate to business partnership, technology, collaboration etc. (professional looking please)
- Consultant logon & password (not a major function)
- Design that is innovative and progressive whilst remaining professional and conservative.
- Clean layout that is intuitive and user friendly

Don't want

- Nothing too colourful
- Nothing that resembles our current website
- Not too much use of the blue
- No cartoon images

Custom package


Free features

  • Open contest
  • Guaranteed
  • Fast-tracked



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