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$750 (was $501) for #1 Online Warning Lights Retailer/Reseller in the World - very short contest - submit now!

KeyLimeTie needed a new coded website design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 32 designs submitted by 12 freelance designers.


How KeyLimeTie started their web page design (coded) journey


We need our website redesigned! Ecco Warning Lights is the #1 Online Warning Lights Retailer/Reseller in the World.
We're currently using the design from our other company Central Parts ( and need to get your designs.

Company name

see brief

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

see brief

Desired Color Scheme:
see brief

Desired Style:
see brief

Accepted File Formats:
Standard Web Formats (.jpg, .gif or .png); Layered Formats (.psd or .tiff); We need the PSDs and cut up website (HTML, CSS, images)

Company Details

1a) Name of Company
Central Parts Warehouse

1b)Company Tag Line or slogan:
"Warning Light Specialists - Since 1999"

1c) Do you have a company logo?…m/logo.gif - I can provide the EPS version if necessary.

1d) Do you have a corporate visual identity (a customized, non-stock logo and color scheme carried out throughout your office, stationery, business cards, etc.)?
No. Our logo was recently redesigned on SitePoint. We like the new logo, colors, etc. very much.

1e) What is the nature of your business? Briefly describe your products or services:
We specialize in Warning Lights for all types of industries. Snow & Ice Control Industry, Industrial Forklifts, Emergency Vehicles, construction companies and Utility Companies.

1f) Who is your target market? Who are you hoping to reach with your site?
We have Two levels of customers - Retail which included: Individual Plow owners, Municipalities, Utility Companies, Park Districts and Construction companies. Resale which included: Snowplow Repair shops and or distributors, Auto Parts Stores, Construction Supply Companies.

Website Details

2a) Do you have an existing website? If so, what is the URL?

2b) IMPORTANT: Please list at least 3 URLs (web addresses) of high quality sites that you like the look of (these do not have to be sites whos business is similar to yours. It aids us in determining what your design style is.) Please consider layout, colors, navigation, graphics, and typography. - They are a HUGE aftermarket & OEM parts company for the Construction equipment industry. This is a nice layout for the home page. Please do not copy, but maybe get some ideas from it. - Clean, easy to navigate,…cale=en_US

We tried to find websites that are masculine and have good colors. Our website is currently blue collar as it is a copy of one of our other sites. This site needs to compliment the Product which is mostly yellow.

2c) What colors or color schemes would you like?
Blues, whites, reds. We've always had blue as the dominant color, but red adds energy and white adds cleanliness. Our product uses Yellow or Clear lens' for the lights.

2d) List the Navigation links for your Site:
We would like to add a left menu navigation since we have so many categories and subcategories. Please use the main navigation on our current website and also show an example sub navigation in the menu (under a main category when one is clicked).

2e) What type of look are you trying to achieve? (e.g. clean, high-tech, conservative, warm, flashy, etc.)
The website is used by all kinds of people...people who use the web everyday to those who rarely use it. The site needs to be professional and user-friendly. It needs to look really good, but still stay somewhat simple.

2f) Please provide the addresses of competitors' sites, if possible:
Most all of our competitors are in other industries as their main source of business. They have entered our into industry and cherry pick it. URLS are:…oducts.cfm Really like their left side navigation with the thumb nail image of what's in it…t='Lights' Love their ability to "Enlarge" the image

2g) Do you have any images for use in the design of your site? If not, do you have images, can you offer suggestions of what you type of imagery you feel would be most suitable for your website:
We do not have any specific imagery to use for the website. Obviously, use of the most recognizable light (5135AVM) would be good

Deadlines and Deliverables

3a) What is the deadline for your template design?
1 week - Please submit early so we can review and provide feedback!

3b) Will you require HTML coding?
Yes. The design will be dropped into a Content Management System that allows us to drop in a header area, left area, center area, right area and footer area. So please be sure the design and HTML is broken up accordingly.

3c) If so, will you require it to be ONLY CSS layout?
No, tables are preferred for us.

3d) How many pages coded will you require delivered?
4 page total:
Home page - The home page needs a make over. It is very boring and just has text. We like the intro text, but it's too long. It should only be 6-8 lines in height. We need to keep the "Monthly Specials" and "Request a Catalog" areas. Maybe add an area to "Specials!".
Product Categories page - This page lists subcategories for a given category. For example:
Products List page - This page lists products for a given category. For example:…be-Lights/
Product Details page - This page displays the product details. For example:…t/6550AVM/

3e) Are there any other comments/specific ideas we should keep in mind while designing your project?
1. Please design for 1024 x 768 resolution.
2. As mentioned above, the design will be dropped into a Content Management System that allows us to drop in a header area, left area, center area, right area and footer area. So please be sure the design and HTML is broken up accordingly. Please name the images something useles like "header-logo.jpg" and "search-button.jpg", not "homepage1.jpg" and "homepage2.jpg".
3. The header area needs to have our logo and tag line. Also, similar to what we have today, we need an area for search, # items in cart, (which could be clickable to see the cart), My Account, and # users online.

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