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What happens in _____ Stays in _____

Thirstyclothing needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 225 designs submitted by 60 freelance designers.


How Thirstyclothing started their t-shirt journey

Company name

Thirsty Clothing Inc.


The world is changing. Less people read newspapers, listen to the radio, or watch television than ever before. The media of preference has become social. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media are an emerging marketplace for the Generation Y consumers. Generation Y and the social media revolution is where Thirsty Clothing Inc. found it’s niche. Since creation in January of 2010, Thirsty Clothing Inc. has established a Facebook group with over 6,000 people in under a month, averaged $10,000 in sales at five universities during the month of October alone, and sold over 900 shirts on multiple campuses! All of these accomplishments were made possible by the innovative thinking of a selective team of college students utilizing the innovative marketplace that social media offers. Within the next six months Thirsty Clothing Inc. hopes to grow to a 35 person team, have one million fans on Facebook, and become the standard model of business for the emerging social media marketplace.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

18-20 year old females in college. We sell to guys too but girls seem to be our primary audience. These people are impulsive. They love our design so far. We sell 1,000 shirts in a day at some points!


The reason we are looking for a designer is because our current design is too close to the actual hangover design. We need one that could be sold to every university and the Hangover couldn't sue us in return. Please use your creative minds to come up with the same design, but so that it is legal. In other words we still want the guy and baby from the hang over but created in a fashion that is legal (your art). We go to different universities and change the color of the shirt and the text so we want a design that we can manipulate for each school we go to. See the attachments to get a glimpse of the shirt we have been selling at a few of the universities we have already went to. If we choose you, we would most likely be interested in doing more work with you in the very near future! We will be looking for new designs on a monthly basis to constantly sell new shirts at our storefront. We anticipate to have over 1 million fans on our Facebook in less than a year! Questions? Contact me directly at

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