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T-Shirt Design (worn by @guykawasaki) for TicketLeap Anywhere

TicketLeap needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 106 designs submitted by 35 freelance designers.


How TicketLeap started their t-shirt journey


We're looking for a slick t-shirt to promote the launch of our new product, TicketLeap Anywhere. Ticketleap Anywhere turns any laptop into a full-service ticket machine, with the ability to sell, print, and scan tickets from almost anywhere on earth. It's the most portable and affordable ticketing solution on the market.

We are going to convince our advisor, Guy Kawasaki from (@guykawasaki), to wear this and get a picture on his blog (thanks Guy) so your design will be famous! :)

The website: TicketLeap Anywhere

Brand name

TicketLeap Anywhere

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

The killer design will be for our staff, customers and advisors to wear proudly.
Ideally, the t-shirt will speak to the benefits of the product--that it's portable, flexible, and affordable (also it just needs to look good).  Look at our website for some inspiration:
One tagline we've been using is "Think Outside the Box Office".  Feel free to use this one or come up with your own.
We invite you to be creative and come up with clever messages of your own. If you have the best design, we'll give you $200 dollars.
Also if you could add our Twitter @TicketLeap to the design somewhere that would be swell.


The design is printed on American Apparel, so you should choose a t-shirt style and color.
Ringer Example
Organic Sustainable T-Shirt Examples
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