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Skateboard Brand & Alternative Sports Representation Agency

pinusbrand needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 94 designs submitted by 16 freelance designers.

Runner-up design by Eyerish
Runner-up design by samivo
Runner-up design by hoverfish
Runner-up design by Relic57
Runner-up design by ftyjdtyjdc
Runner-up design by Kreative_Designz
Runner-up design by ftyjdtyjdc
Runner-up design by ftyjdtyjdc
Runner-up design by ftyjdtyjdc
Runner-up design by Kreative_Designz

How pinusbrand started their t-shirt journey


Design for T-shirt, or other appropriate transfer to goods, based upon the PINUS brand. Formatable (eg, vector file format)for the reproduction of the design as requested. **I/WE work days so please understand that it may be beyond 5PM CST to respond...

Company name

Pinus and Pinus Brand

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

Ideas needed!

Desired Color Scheme:
Your discretion

Desired Style:
All welcome!?

Accepted File Formats:
Vector Formats (.eps, .pdf or .ai); Best for silk screening, etc.

Thank You for your interest. No, its not "Penis". However, consider this term in influencing your ideas when reading further. It just happens to be this way...Though we are deficient in the beginnings of creating some consistency in our brand (eg, logo), we are interested in approaching the a first generation of softgoods immediately (may sound backwards). All in all, and with your talents, we feel this may be a prudent approach to seeing where the visual aspect of the company may proceed. Plus, allows us explore this medium for soliciting ideas. Besides the representation part of the company we are interested in developing a subtle and clever goods line to compliment the other components. For inspiration purposes, I will withhold the literal and personal meaning behind the name. What I can offer is interests in the areas of: a caricature of ____ developed from sticks, pine needles, limbs..., a natural or organic influenced design (sunflower/"flower"; the terms "deep rooted", "locally grown"...). Also, we suggest fatten and sweeping scripts/fonts (if included) of funky 70's era design:Coca-Cola, The Allman Brothers Band (mushroom, Eat A Peach art), Yes, and a blimp/air machine similiar to Led Zeppelin art (eg, Goodyear Blimp), trout, a bar code graphic (something w/in the bars). Please consider not being too literal or crude? with the name for we are open to all interpretations/strengths derived from the name. A subtle approach to this "edgy" and misinterpreted name will work in our favor for athletes and action sports enthusiasts. Please understand that our demographic is ~7-16+ yrs and will often depend upon parental and social approval and support. What falls out from the brand is most likely the result of our athletes and the consumers. This is a fickle industry and offers you to explore your creativity and talents to this pioneering industry. Do turn heads and attempt to do it in a classy manor. We look forward to offering feedback to your interpretation and vision. At this time, ANYTHING is welcomed! We are adults and can give guidance. Industry inspiration: ...Lost, Gringo Skateboards, (see thumbnails from decks, shirts, hats...), Toy Machine, Enjoi, Rasa Libre, Anti-Hero, Girl, Plan B... **OF COURSE, if we need to change the type of contest due to our misunderstanding of something please do not hesitate to contact us. We are new to this forum. We are exploring and will submit the award soon!

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