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Rockfish Streetwear - Launch Range Clothing Design Comp

Mr Rockfishy needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 252 designs submitted by 34 freelance designers.


How Mr Rockfishy started their t-shirt journey


I’m looking for designs for Rockfish’s launch range of clothing.
$150 for best design, we’re also interested in buying up to 10 more designs at $35 each even if they come from same designer.

Once the company goes live, designers will be able to upload designs where the public can vote them into print, designers get paid royalties or a one off fee (plus feel good factor of helping a worthy cause). This is a part of our business model, however we feel we need to launch with a range of clothing people can buy straight away.

PS: If you think you’ve got a red hot Poster design please contact me or upload it. If you can make it clear that it’s a Poster design that would be great. We’ll assume all designs are for clothing unless stated otherwise.

Company name

Rockfish Streetwear

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

Rockfish Streetwear is a Contemporary Christian Designer Clothing Co.Rockfish retails ethically produced clothing as well as posters, jewellery andother items. Rockfish provides an online outlet for jewellery and otherproducts made by third world KBs.

Company and market info: Created as a Kingdom Business (KB), Rockfish is UK based Ethical Company, 30% of profits toCharity (Currently project in Ugandahousing, treating and educating children affected by the civil war in Uganda).

Garments will be quality fashion grade garments (Entirely Fairware) with contemporarydesigns in the varying styles. We will launch with a relatively small rangetargeted at 13-35 year olds but wish to branch in Kids and mature age clothingeventually. Items sold will be T-Shirts, Hoodies, Hats, caps, Jewellery fromUganda Project, Posters, Cards................

Target Audience is 13-35, so not too kiddyor overly mature. UK andEurope Market initially, eventually USA,Australia and South Africa.

I will need the winning design in AdobeIllustrator, let me know if this is a problem and we'll work something out.


- We are a Christian ClothingCompany, Our clothing is to be thought provoking but not in your face. I alsowish to counter attack the rise in clothing with negative or immoral statementson them.

We love the use of strong,positive, powerful words such as “Courage”, “Blessed”, “Faith”, “Redeemed”,“Love”, “Hope”, “Joy”, “Truth”, “Peace”, “Freedom”, “Princess” or any combithereof such as “Love, Joy, Peace” - be creative. The use of Scripture is alsogood but in a tasteful way, subtle writing in good font, various size fontswork well.

We also like Coat of Arms,scrolly stuff, Biker Designs, Tattoo style, Love tribal tattoo in particular, Useof hearts, wings, eagles, gothic stuff is fine, surfy style is cool, we LOVERetro and that seems in, Messy is very now. We need some girlie stuff for theladies. If you’re going bold, be bold but not too your face, strong is good.

- Subtle and simple is very much the go in the UK so don’t get too carried away with OTT detail.Having said that if you have some scrolly design that requires detail then gofor it. I don’t want to limit people but I do wish to convey what we do like.Please don’t be limited by the restraints on my brief, we will consider designsoutside the brief, so please feel free to try a new direction, the worst thatcan happen is we say we don’t like it.

As with the previous compwe’ll be working with designers as much as possible and helping where we can.

- Print Limitations: This is a Big one so please takenote. Our current printer can onlyprint within a limited area on the front and back of the garments, We can printon the shoulder and down arms of long sleeve shirts but can’t print in cornersof garments. The size parameters for front and back print are 280mm wide by420mm High. As a rule of thumb, keep away from anything that gets stitched. We’rehappy to discuss what we can and can’t do with individual designs.

We will also be embroideringgarments so feel free to design for embroidery.

- Colours to be used as background: You can download the Garment catalogue at thefollowing link.…=cms&P=323

Styles we’re interested inusing are


Ladies: N10, N15, N25, N30, N38, N39, NO2L

Men: N11, N16, N26, N28, N31, N35


Ladies: N53W, N60W

Men: N51W, N61W

Please don’t go outsidethis range as we’ve spent considerable time shortlisting potential garments.You can use the catalogue or website to know what colors these garments are availableit. If you wanna super-impose your design onto one of them and upload thatwould be awesome.

- We’ll try and give more guidanceboth specific and general as the comp progresses.

Don't want

- Absolutely NO RIP OFFS of other companiesLogos or designs. As clever as it may seem to do the whole “Jesus Christ” incoke cola white writing on red shirt, it is a rip off and as a company we wishto distance ourselves from this approach. I get it, I just don’t like it northe legal complexities it could cause so please stay well away from anythingthat rides on the back on another companies image and success.

- No Cheesey  Christian Naff stuff.Examples of extreme Naff are…4wod_hxxHQ…christian/

Good Lord, have mercy on them for they knownot what they do !!!!!!!!!

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