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Moju Project T-Shirt Contest - Multiple Winners Likely

moju project needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 197 designs submitted by 42 freelance designers.


How moju project started their t-shirt journey


We sell t-shirts that feed an orphan for a month. We are looking for a hip t-shirt design that features our brand name. Please thoroughly read our brief for all the details. There will be a definite winner! Long-term opportunities likely! Multiple winners very likely too! Submissions will be checked daily at 9:30am and 7:30pm EST. WILL LAUNCH SEPTEMBER 1ST :)

Now offering $25-$50 USD for runner-ups!

Hey Everyone,
Check out this site:…fashionCat
This is an organization called Invisible Children. One of their t-shirts is a gun/camera (depending on how you look at it) but it is cool because it represents what they are all about.
I am hoping that this might inspire some new design ideas. The moju project is about making an impact in the world. It is about feeding starving kids. I would LOVE to see some designs that have a special meaning to it. Try creating a design that represents HOPE or UNITY or anything else we stand for without having to spell it out.
We are still early in the competition so I hope this is helpful to our current designers and those interested in submitting!!!!
Gerrid & Jessica

Company name

moju project

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

The Moju Project is a site that
is designed to offer you the coolest t-shirts that will make a
difference in the world.  Every t-shirt we sell will feed an orphan for
a month in Africa.   
Our t-shirts represent hope.  By purchasing a t-shirt at the,
you're standing up and using your voice.  You're speaking up for those
who can't speak for themselves.  You're leading the way for thousands
of people to find hope when situations appear to be hopeless.   

"Buy a Shirt...Save a Life"   


- Modern/Hip Clothing- cool for teenagers and young adults
- Possibly incorporate the cool surf/skate look:-


- Maybe something with wings   
- Can be just the brand name or have images with it   
- Colors should be based off of our white/ charcoal/ blue/ purple/ pink   
- The back of every shirt will read "This t-shirt fed an orphan for 1 month
- Brand name should be lower-case "moju project"
- (optional) - You can include our slogan "fashioned to save the world"We are looking for unique and creative ideas!
You can check out our web design here -
- Vector Art
- PDF   
- AI

Don't want

- Overuse of bright colors- use bright colors to accent/ compliment only

Custom package


Free features

  • Open contest
  • Fast-tracked



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