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Iconic Custom Apparel Logo needed. Can you Inspire a movement?

Lexcord needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 40 designs submitted by 16 freelance designers.


How Lexcord started their t-shirt journey

Brand name

For Country Apparel - An NYC based custom apparel start-up


We are looking to create a customer t-shirt and accessories brand for patriots and fanatics. People who love the country they represent and want to express their subtle patriotism via a creative, edgy and fashionable custom t-shirt, track jacket and polo clothing company.

Nigerian by birth, American by naturalization, my father was a general in the Biafran army and my older brother is currently a sergeant in the United States Army - They both enlisted out of a strong sense of country pride.

I do this for the soldier that raised his national flag after a war to depict victory, for the excited-proud fan in the stand of a soccer or football game with a flag painted on his or her face, for the kenyan runner, Brazilian mixed martial arts fighter, british rugby player, or any athelete that puts on the uniform to represent For Country. This brand is in honor of them.

Started as a hobby but we are now looking to create a national and eventually a global brand in the same spirit as nike, adidas, puma one country at a time. The logo is the missing piece that ties it all together. At this point, we are profitable enough to justify the business but are fueled and inspired by the concept and look forward to the journey.

We need your creativity to infect our logo and peak customer interest in our growing brand!

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Our initial target market is male and females: 16 - 35 with a strong sense of country pride. They want to have a varied collection of For Country tees. They want to be able to wear the flagman logo either as the main design on the front of the t-shirt or as a mini logo on the top-left or bottom left corner (similar to the size of the polo logo). We want our first wave of customers to grow with the brand.
Our secondary target market is parents with kids ages 2 - 13.
Our customer buy custom t-shirt with colorful designs (similar to the ed-hardy)


Looking to create a clothing apparel logo that is patriotic, infectious and can inspire a movement! This is the "flagman" campaign. Simply put, it's the image of a guy (athlete, soldier or revolutionary) putting a flag in the air. Regardless of where you are from, most people are proud to represent a flag. The pose in this iconic logo should be able capture that pride

The winning design should draw inspiration from:

- The pose of the Statue of Liberty from "frontal" or Semi-side" profile
- The Polo, NBA, and Jumpman Jordan logos

The logo should have animate features but should still be effective as an all-black-or-white silhouette. Logo should be able to stand by itself or right in the middle of the red & white crest provided (minus the soccer ball) The winning design will be the one where:

- The top portion of the logo with the flag-in-fist can be a t-shirt design by itself "flag fist for country"
- The face on the logo can be a design by itself "flag face for country" (similar to a fan of a team or country painting the country on his face).

Your final design must be one you would be proud to wear, that can inspire the same cult-like following as Polo, Baping Ape, or Ed-hardy, is instantly recognizable, marketable and should have the potential to be an intl sign of patriotism.

Print format - .ai (CMYK)
Web format - .jpg & layered .psd

I look fwd to working with you

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