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Bend It Cycling 'Evolve' T-Shirt needed a new t-shirt design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 84 designs submitted by 12 freelance designers.


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Bend It Cycling


Our site and its products will be dedicated to recumbent bicyclists that are looking for products, apparel and advice that are 100% from the 'bent riders perspective. Bend It Cycling is owned and operated by devoted recumbent cyclists that demand high performance from our machines, and also believe it shouldn’t be too difficult to find practical apparel and products made specifically for bent riders. No more will you have to sift through products at your local upright bike shop looking for items that, if tweaked enough, may just work on your recumbent. If we carry it, one of our competitive recumbent pilots depends on it. - Team Bend It

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Recumbent cyclists who wish to make a statement about their passion for their cycles.


Bend It Cycling would like to commission a design for a new t-shirt. The
theme is "Evolve Your Ride" with the core idea being based upon the evolution of mankind's methods of locomotion. We like it to be based upon, in part, the following graphic:…scheme.svg.

However, this would be a bicycle-themed progression with the idea of promoting the recumbent bike as the more 'evolved' form of transport.

We would like to have the following progression (in silhouette form):

1) early man on all fours

2) early man on two feet

3) modern man on two feet

4) Draisine bike (…ne1817.jpg) which is regarded as the earliest form of two wheeled transport

5) High-wheel bike (…icycle.jpg)

6) Standard (upright) bike (…_large.jpg)

7) Recumbent (

The items portrayed would all be 2D silhouettes.

Please include the catch phrase "evolve your ride" as well as our company name (Bend It Cycling). You are free to use the font of your choice for the catch phrase but use the font type "space age" ( for our company name.

You are free to, if it isn't too cluttered, to exercise some creative freedom to include more 'evolution' steps. Also, we'd like the recumbent to be distinguished in such a way as to make it the obviously more 'evolved' locomotive method.

Best of luck designers!

Bend It Cycling

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