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MinkBaby needs slick picture designs for babyshower invites

claire_stokoe needed a new other design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 189 designs submitted by 27 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - C@ryn
Caryn was amazing to work with! She was so quick to respond and adjust things as I wanted. She truly understood my concept and executed it beautifully!!! I would recommend her to anyone.
- Kelliecards

How claire_stokoe started their other graphic design journey


Updated 19/08/08


Designs have been of a very high quality and more numerous than I could have hoped for. Thank you all for your hard work :-D


A few people have mentioned that they feel stock imagery is being used by some designers and the way their messages have come across to me is as if this is in fact copying and or illegal.

I have been naive about this - I was not aware of such issues when I began our competitions on 99designs. We cannot and will not use any images that we are not entitled to use. Hopefully you will all know whether or not your submissions are your own work or, if they do use modified images from stock photos, then you know whether or not they can be reproduced without paying a fee or breaking any rules. Especially since we intend to retail these cards.

The winner of this contest (and any other designs that we are subsequently able to buy from any willing designers) will be asked to confirm in what appears to be a legal document on 99designs, that their submission is their own work and that they ar entitled to sign over the copyright to us and be paid for their work. We have seven days to choose a winner and we will have to take pains to make sure that the winning design is not from stock imagery or a copy - what a hassle - but worth doing.

So please make sure that any submissions that are close copies of someone elses work or that contain images that you are not entitled to use (and therefore we will not be entitled to use) are removed so that when we choose a winner, we don't then have to 'unchoose' them and pick someone else and ask for money back etc., which would be most unpleasant.

Sorry if I'm coming over all heavy but this issue and it's potential ramifications has only been raised to me seriously, comparatively recently. I thought I should make my position clear. I am certainly not accusing anyone of anything, ok? :-D

If anyone feels that I have misunderstood the use of stock images and the rules that go with that, please feel free to explain it to me - I'm not proud, I'm happy to be instructed on this.


We still wish to award up to or even more than 6 prizes however due to unforseen problems with our website, we will need to invest the amount set aside for 5 designs in order to get that done - otherwise we can't start trading and there will be no money for anything - we are a small start up and we need a website to actually start up. Therefore one prize will now be awarded for one design.

This means that for selected designers, if they are still interested in selling their designs, although there may be a wait while we raise the necessary monies to make sure that each design is propery paid for, there is still the opportunity to make money from their designs. Furthermore, each selected designer will be able to earn royalties from every card of ours that carries their design.

We are sorry to have to only award one prize at this time - in fact gutted would be a better description of how I feel about this.

We will run no further contest for this project - I am sure that by the end of this contest there will be enough good designs not to have to.

Despite the recent funding issue, we are committed to this printing project and we hope that at least some of the designers will understand our situation and will allow us to buy designs at a later date. I am already looking into ways to raise the cash, even if I have to take a part-time job to do it - I will find a way, somehow.

Sincerest apologies,


The Brief Summary:

As some of you may already be aware, MInkBaby is a small start-up company that will offer bespoke gifts and services that are aimed at people who want to celebrate a pregnancy or a birth by buying presents for:

Mums-to-be, New Mums and New Babies

We will also offer planning and hosting assistance for pregnancy/baby-related celebrations such as:

Babyshowers, Naming Days, Christenings and First Birthdays.

Eco-friendly baby shower invitations, thank you cards and birth announcements are in short supply - we have had a lot of trouble finding any at all in the UK, let alone those that would be right for us.

As our logo competition draws to a close and as we have had such a fantastic response with some amazing designs, we decided to see if we could find designs that would enable us to be able to offer our own range of baby shower invitation designs.

We are talking here about the pictorial element that would go on any invitation or greetings card.

So what I mean is, you are not required to design the format of the invitation (although if you wish to do so, please feel free!) but rather the more decorative, illustrative, pictorial design to go on the invitation. I don't just mean a pattern round the edge of the card - but a picture that sums up a baby shower or the anticipation of a new baby or the air of celebration inherent in a babyshower.

Our clients will be able to choose whether the design/picture/illustration they like is printed onto paper, card etc. and whether that paper or card is plantable (compostable with wild flower seeds in), recycled, or from sustainable sources.

Because we are a bespoke eco company, this element of eco-friendly choice would be potentially perfect for us - all we need are the right designs.

We were looking ideally for between 2 and 6 inivtation illustration designs to make up our baby shower invitation range - but only if we find the right designs. Now we know the great designs are the but right now can only afford to pay for one.

What is more, although as a young company we do not have a lot of cash, we are VERY committed to this project and if there are more designs that we like than we can pay for right now (we had a budget for 2 - 6 which is now just theone), we would be very interested in ear-marking those that we cannot afford right now for future purchase, (depending upon the success of our company,) as the business launches and we are able to reinvest profit in extending our range, subject to the agreement of designers.

If the baby shower invitations are successful, there is also the option for the winning design(ers) (and potentially others) to be comissioned in the future to create designs for corresponding baby shower thank you cards and birth announcements etc.

We take all designs and designers very seriously and aim to give feedback to all entered designs as quickly as possible.

Claire has another full time job and I (Ali, posting via Claire's account) has a full time baby, but if you look at our logo contest you should see that constructive feedback has been given to all designers. So you can be sure of getting feedback on all your designs.


as per 99designs policy. This competition will not be withdrawnn unless we can't find a design we like that is also one to which we are legally entitled

That seems unlikely to me but just in case :-D

Company name


What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

The design

We are starting our range with babyshower invitation designs.

The right design(s) will ideally be printed onto any of the following eco-friendly/sustainable materials:
- Paper
- Postcard
- Folded card (more like a greetings card)Invitation designs that I love


There is a US site that has baby shower invitations that I love, in terms of the variety of styles they have in their range and the colours they use for it's invites. If you want to enter this contest I strongly recommend that you go look at it here.

So to give you a more indepth idea of your options lets look at a few of their designs:

Their "Teddy Shower" design is one I particularly like because it could theoretically go on a postcard, a piece of paper or a greetings card.

The same principle applies to their "Sweet Chicks" design and the Screaming Baby Shower design.


I would like for there to be pictures in the design of actual baby-related things or at least cute (but not overly cutesy) things. These pictures can be standalone pictures or they could be patterns that incorporate pictures.

Such pictures/picture patterns could include such things as:

babies, dummies/pacifiers, prams/strollers, diapers/nappies, onesies/babygros/ baby booties, rattles, pregant women, baby footprints etc.

They could also be of other, relevant things. We are not looking for baby minks here - that was the logo competition but sorry if I didn't make that clear before :-D


I love most of their designs - the combinations of browns and blues, greens and browns, pinks and browns, yellows and browns (or more and different combinations).

I love the way that one design can be printed in several of the above colour combinations and would be interested in seeing if we could do a similar thing with our winning design(s).

We are of course open to other ideas, this is just to give you an idea of the kind of things we are looking for. You might have some even better ideas!


Whatever the style that you come up with, we want whoever buys our cards/invitations to feel that they will be:
- modern
- funky
- sophisticated
- cute (but not overboard)
- fun
- empoweredWhat should be featured on the designs?

That is a good question. I have listed (and will add more as I get time) a number of designs that I like and don't like - if I don't like a design it's usually more about the style than the content. Prams can look good, prams can look bad, some rubber duckies make you want to hurl and some are carried off perfectly. Style over content here - the only stipulation being that it be relevant to babies/babyshowers in some reasonably obvious way.

Boy/Girl/Gender Neutral

I would be happy to see any and all of the above

Other examples of what currently sells in the UK

Of the more commercially available designs, these are an example of some of the best selling, some I like and some not so much, but just so you know what is currently selling well:
- Mod Mum
- Baby Me
- Trendy Stroller
- Baby Clothes
- Nursery FriendsFor other design examples  (UK) you can look here and here.


- The sophisitcated, funky and fun design styles and palette of tinyprints
- The precious wonder (boy and girl) range (scroll down to see invites)
- clothes (boy and girl) range (scroll down to see invites)
- Images that make women feel good about being pregnant, about celebrating pregnancy (theirs or someone elses) and make them feel like impending motherhood will not prevent them from asserting a positive, female identity that is modern, funky, sophisticated, fun and empowered.

Don't want

(To see the invitation designs you will have to scroll down here)
- Baby's On the Way
- Baby Shower Bliss
- Vintage Nursery
- Baby Shower stitches

Custom package


Free features

  • Open contest
  • Fast-tracked



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