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New logo and icon for a consolidated financial blog

antorome needed a new logo design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 897 designs submitted by 229 freelance designers.


One of the designers who made it happen

Winner - Sopian Indrajaya
Delighted with the design. Excellent website and I am going to use to get the front end of my website.
- Mark Casey

How antorome started their logo design journey

Brand name

Comparativa de Bancos


We are a consolidated website in Spain ( that compares and analyses financial products, gives advices for improving personal finance while also write from time to time articles on economical situation of the country and related.
The web was launched in February 2008 but really started growing up by the end of that year. It started as a blog and it is the main section today but we have been adding different sections with comparators of loans, saving accounts, insurance providers, credit cards, etc.
Our current logo (attached) is has been made by our own so is a very basic one. We wanted to give the impression that there was a person behind the blog instead of a company and that advices are objectives and non-biased.
The stone was something personal and we believe it was something with personality and no related to banks, giving the impression we didn’t want to sell anything.

Main competitors
rankia dot com - It is a community of thousand of people that use to know a lot of finances. People write about their experience and read what other users say.
iahorro dot com and bankimia dot com - they are comparators. People look for products and get comparisons.

People come to our site to read what we (the blog) say about the products. Try to keep this in mind.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

From Google Adplanner:
Male 64% Female 36%
Some college 52%
Bachellors 48%
age: 25-34:55%, 35-44:45%
Household income: average

The content of the website is for a profile of people with average knowledge in finance. We use common vocabulary and concise explanations so people don’t know to much about finance can understand it.

It is focused on people willing to save money and using no-risk products such us certificate of deposits instead of investments in stock exchange. Although from time to time, more advanced articles can be posted.

We have a large email suscription list, almost 3x bigger than our rss suscribers with a very good open rate, so we have loyal readers but not necessary very tech-savvy since they use email more than rss readers.

We want to transmit the following feelings and ideas to the readers (if possible...)

* Trust - They can buy a financial product with no risk from our web
* Objectivity
* They can save money
* They can understand finance even if they don’t know anything about
* We are not trying to sell anything
* We are not financial gurus using unreadable expressions but we know what we write about: We love to say when a product is sh*t and to make bigger the small letters in contracts and offers.


*Update: Try to create a concept that represent the "comparision of banks" or the "comparision of financial products" (not the stones and not the three letters CDB).
We are also thinking on a redesign (maybe a whole one or just some cleaning-up) so we are open to different kind of proposals.
* A single logo 468x60 aprox. as we have now with A smaller square version that reads Comparativa de Bancos in two lines or even, something original and new using three letters “CdB” so we can use it also in other sites where the long version is very difficult to integrate.
* A single logo with a new size to be used in the possible (but not yet sure) new version of the website that can be also used in small captions and still be readable (the current one doesn’t)

In case of a redesign we well keep the green, white, gray but we might change the shades (ie. lighter green).

As you see, it is a very open proposal as we are very open to any suggestion. The redesign will come later if the logo requires to but if we love a logo with current look and feel we may also just make a clean-up of the current web. In principle, there is no predilection (whole redesign or clean-up) so you can create a logo the way you think it fits better the required feelings of the beginning.

Keeping the stones or something alike could be a plus if made in a pretty way since it has been our logo and icon for two years.

The logo will also be used in our newsletter and visit cards.

Creating a small icon for the explorers.

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