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Winner - Prolific Artist
We put up a brief to design a logo for our organics trading company, and Prolific Artist understood the brief well. Prolific Artist entered the competition at the last minute - after we'd gone through some good design concepts and changes with other competitors. And guess what - Prolific Artist got very close to our ideal logo in the first and only try. We suggested some revisions in the final round, and Prolific Artist was very responsive and provided a nice explanation at each revision. At the end of the competition, the handover turnaround time was hours, not days (as we were expecting). Terrific!
- mida.organics

How Beverly Moskowitz started their logo design journey

Brand name

Real OT Solutions™


We're a new company selling innovative products to Occupational Therapists, teachers and parents of young school aged children. Our products include handwriting workbooks and curriculum, cutting worksheets, drawing sequences, adapted writing paper and more. What's unique about our products is that they include progress-monitoring and intake data forms that professionals will want, while still being fun and effective in remediating problems--the main goals for teachers and parents. Our original artwork is whimsical, clever and specifically tailored to illustrate our distinctive approach, so we want our business logo to reflect a similar clarity of purpose.

On a personal note, I've just completed my doctorate in Occupational
Therapy. Launching this business is my chance to share with my
colleagues, parents across the country and children throughout the
world therapeutic methods that I have used successfully for over 30
years. My creations are especially effective since I am also an
artist, and as such, am extremely sensitive to design, color, layout,
and fonts. I believe there is always an underlying message conveyed
in each of these choices.

I'm also conscious of the incremental steps needed to progress from
disability to ability and success. The beauty of my products is that they include ways to personalize the program to the skill level of the child himself.

Tell us a bit about who you are and the people you reach

Our target audience will be Occupational Therapists, teachers, parents
and school administrators. Initially, the consumers themselves will
be children aged 4-10 who have fine motor difficulties. However, the
business is already expanding its product lines to address the needs
of school children from preschool through high school with all types
of disabilities.

Real OT Solutions is not only our company name. It is a phrase that
we therapists often use when we meet at conferences in search of
strategies to better help the children we service. I think it's
catchy. In fact, you can include as a tag line, "Real solutions to your practice needs" or “Effective, efficient, fast and fun” if it doesn’t end up looking too cluttered. Parents of special need children are familiar with OT, (even if you aren't!) since their children are often receiving services. We think that they'll like the opportunity to buy products that are also being used by the professionals.

The 'Fast' part of the byline refers to the fact that some solutions
will be available for immediate download if a consumer is a member of
Real OT Solutions. We think that audiences should know that they can
have, within their hands, materials that will help their children
achieve their goals without further delay. Conveying that message is
your challenge!


I'm looking for something that is eye-catching and dynamic. I'd like
the logo to reflect me. Modesty aside, I'm sharp, creative, stylish,
resourceful, grounded and personable.

Preferred styles would have clean lines but be different and appear
forward-thinking. While I do work with children, I hate primary
colors. I'm an "Autumn" type person. I enjoy colors that are warm,
full of light and depth, vibrant but also muted. Our product
packaging will eventually mimic this spectrum.

Remember, this is basically about therapeutic supplies for school, so
including pencils or scissors might be interesting as I have unique
products related to those areas. Also exclusive to my business is my line of adapted writing paper, which has a thin top line, dotted middle line and thickened bottom line. If you can think of a way to include that, great!

This logo will need to be stretched and shrunken to fit business
cards, stationary and our website while also appearing in the corner
of all our products. Most of our products are consumable workbooks
and worksheets, but some are manufactured durable items.

I will be giving you on-going feedback throughout the contest.
Enjoy. Good Luck and have fun.

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