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Creative Design for Sports Center / Field House website

Starting Again needed a new flash animation design and created a contest on 99designs.

A winner was selected from 11 designs submitted by 6 freelance designers.


How Starting Again started their flash animation journey


No site yet - facility won't be opening until 2008, but we want to get the site going now. Design needs to be eye-catching and family oriented.

Brand name

McDermont Field House and Sport Center

What inspires you and how do you envision the design for your business?

Accepted File Formats:
Source files (Photoshop layer files or whatever) required for all graphics. Wordpress template for the code.

You can get additional information about the facility here:

Print Ad concept
Description of Center (PDF file)
Logo close-up (photo of a mat with logo)
Logo source file
Some historic imagery for possible inspiration

UPDATE: Facility Amenities list (partial) - be sure to read this one, it's pretty remarkable, and gives you a good idea of what the center will be about.

URL for the site when it goes live will be:

Front page design should feature clearly labeled links for Ticket Sales and Party Reservations. Other than that, you have free rein with the design - - we're hoping to see some creative stuff!

Only special requirements are:

Text-as-graphics need to be kept to a minimum; site is going to be multilingual and we need site text, including navigation text, to be visible to the translator module.

We will be using Wordpress as the CMS for the site, final delivery should be as a Wordpress template. We will use a Wordpress page as the home page, and the default blog view as the news/inside page. If you're a good graphic designer but don't know how to do this, please don't let that stop you - - we can handle it here. I'm only including the information because this is the first time we've run a Sitepoint contest and I want to provide as much information as possible.


Update (Sat, June 2nd)
I received some good questions via PM, and it occurred to me that any/all participants might have some of the same questions, so I'm appending the questions and my answers to the contest description itself.

* How many actual pages do you want? Home page plus an editable secondary page or more?

I think that, at minimum, two would be appropriate (Home page and internal page templates.) However as I hope I've communicated in the contest write up, this project really is quite open-ended at this point, so I don't want to be to set about this because I'm hoping people will really be creative about this and it seems like that might entail additional page templates depending on concept.

* Will you be providing a suitable file for your logo (i.e. Illustrator EPS)? Also, what is the philosophy behind the logo? Is it meant to reflect your location with a representation of mountains and sunset? Please confirm that you prefer that the logo is used as it stands?

Man, I hope so :) I have requested the EPS but not yet received it. I realize it's a bit of a hack, but for the time being please feel free to just copy the one shown in the print ad and use it as a placeholder. I know it will be ugly, but better than nothing. I'm sure this seems semi-unprofessional, but if any of you have ever worked with government clients before I'm sure you can understand that it can sometimes be a challenge to identify the right person to get a particular resource that you need quickly.

Regarding philosophy behind the logo - Lindsay is located very near the foothills of Sequoia National Park in California. The image is a representation of the sun rising over the Sequoia mountains. I believe it was used because part of the goal of all of this is to promote tourism, and the great Sequoias (the giant trees) are the biggest local tourism attraction for obvious reasons. Historically, Lindsay's primary industry has been agriculture (especially citrus and olive trees.) You may have noticed the item about an old fruit sorting table being converted into an Xbox tournament center - I believe conceptually a big part of the challenge is connecting the region's past with its future. I'd prefer not to write too much more beyond that because I really would like to take advantage of the contest format to do some truly creative brainstorming.

* Are any photographs of your special attraction equipment available?

Not at this time, but if you wanted to use publicly available placeholder photos based on the provided descriptions of attractions, I think that could potentially be very valuable.

* Young adults, singles, and families are obvious target markets. Do you also have programmes for seniors?

Quite probably, though I don't know if they've been defined yet. I have inquired about this as well and will update if/when I get additional information. If you want to include something like that in a design, I think that would be great.

* Since this is your first posting are you willing to offer additional information about yourself? For instance, are you the actual client or are you an agent for the client?

Sure - I am actually the designated web-savvy-family-relative of the client :-) I am doing this for them as a personal favor to help get the project jump started.

Funds for the contest reward are available and have already been formally approved, and there is a very real need to get this site launched. So while I cannot provide an absolute guarantee that the contest will result in a winner (since the final decision won't be mine) I would say that the odds are exceptionally strong, assuming we get some good entries.

As to me, personally, while I don't have a history on this site, I have used rentacoder for a number of small projects over more than 5 years and have a perfect "10" feedback ranking as a buyer there as well as an exceptionally good "Non-action Ratio" (a measure of the percentage of bid requests resulting in an actual contract.) I prefer not to advertise my account name here, but I'd be happy to provide verification of the above to anyone who asks - - just shoot me a private message and let me know.

* Lastly, will there likely be more work for the contest winner in the way of collateral print materials (stationery, brochure, rack card, presentation folder, flyer), print ads, radio commercials etc.

I try not to tease listings like this with promises of additional future work since I feel like that gets done a lot, and I myself as a software developer have been burned by it in the past (doing a lot of upfront work cheaply assuming it would result in a big contract down the road)

The answer to your question is yes - - there will be a need for a lot of additional promotional/collateral materials leading up to the facility grand opening in 2008, and it seems likely that if a designer really knocks their socks off with a killer site concept than they would likely have the inside track on much of that work, but I can in no way promise that, so you should only invest time in the contest if you believe it's worthwhile for you on its own merits.

I hope I've answered your questions thoroughly, but please feel free to hit me with a follow up ping if not.


This contest was originally listed in multiple categories:
- Flash Animation
- Web Page Design (Coded)

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