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There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to branding. No matter what stage you’re at, our branding experts can bring your vision to life with creative assets that are as unique as your business.
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Illustration by wildanya

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To put it simply, branding is the entire collection of design choices you have at your disposal to create a unique and consistent image of your business. Considerations such as color palettes, fonts, and style guides (plus many more!) come together to create your brand. And while branding starts with essentials like your business name and logo, it also includes your websiteproduct packaging, marketing assets, and anything else potential customers can interact with. All these elements form a visual identity for your brand, which ultimately helps to shape the feeling consumers develop towards it.
Our designers are ready to "Wow" and surprise you! But they'll need some guidance before getting started. If you have any preexisting assets or inspiration you want your designer to use, have these ready to upload when you start your brief. And when writing the brief, it’s best to be as detailed as possible to set your designer up for success.
Here at 99designs, we make great design work happen with our global community of professional designers. And there are two ways to do it:

1) We can help you find a designer you’ll love so you can work with them directly on a one-to-one project.

2) Start a contest that opens your brief to our entire designer community —designers then submit their ideas, and you pick your favorite.
Branding is how the public (aka the whole world!) view and interact with your business. Great branding helps you stand out and get noticed, while bad branding (or no branding) means you’re unlikely to attract or be discovered in the first place. Did you hear about that great business that sells the best products and services —but they don’t have a name, logo or website? Neither did we!
We have multiple branding packages to suit all your business needs. If you’re looking for a logo and want guidance on using your brand colors and fonts, a Logo & Brand guide might be for you. Or, if you're looking to get a logo and take your brand online, go for a Logo & Website package. You can click on the category to find out more and see if it’s the right fit for you.

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