It’s no longer June,
the month seemed to zoom.
But that’s just fine,
because there is another Top 9!

We have chosen 9 designers we thought had killer wins from the following categories:

  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • All other categories combined
Now you get to vote for the designer you believe deserves Top Designer honors.
Top 9 June2012
The designer voted Top Designer will win an Inkling Pen, by Wacom featured in 99designs Tech Update article!
inkling pen by wacom

Here are the Top 9 for June:

  1. galaksi
  2. stardust™
  3. vitamin in c major
  4. insanelyus
  5. fathair
  6. gusmedi
  7. meerkat_design_inc
  9. dapicon

*Voting will be open until Tuesday, July 10th at 5:00pm PT.

Terms & Conditions

  • 99designs will giveaway an Inkling Pen to the designer who receives the most votes.
  • If you are selected as winner and can not receive the Inkling Pen for any reason, we may choose to pay you the cash equivalent of $200 USD
  • You may only vote once.

Aren’t the Top 9 so fine? Don’t forget to submit your vote!