Top 9, Dec. 2012

Time travel would be my super power. And at last! I have gained a smidgen of it. I’m taking us back to December 2012 because we HAVE to see and vote on the 9 great designs from this period.

POOF, we’re back!

99designs needs your help — vote for the design you feel should be the ultimate winner out of these top 9.

The designer voted Top Designer will win a BustedTees year-subscription which means they get a brand new T-shirt each month (in case you were wondering, it will be from the present time).

Here are the Top 9 for December:

  1. Widdy Shabrina
  2. DorarpolHendra*
  3. novanandz
  4. DSKY
  5. La Carbonera Design
  6. _skully_
  7. Rom@n
  8. work&turn
  9. mnoriega

Vote for your favorite designer here!

*Voting will be open until Tuesday, January 15th at 5:00pm PT.

Terms & Conditions

  • 99designs will giveaway a BustedTees year-subscription to the designer who receives the most votes.
  • You may only vote once.

Who should be the Top Designer for December?