Social media is becoming increasingly important for new and existing businesses, second only to having a website. But how do you make your pages stand out? While most of the layout is predetermined on social sites, there’s still room for customization. This kind of design often hides behind the scenes, but is super important to the success of any business endeavor.

We decided to catch up with The JA Designs, one of our Filipino designers who specializes in social media designs across a variety of platforms.


Name: Jerald Angelo Juatco
99designs handle: The JA Designs
Location: Philippines
Contests won: 22

First off, tell us a little about yourself.

I started designing as a hobby years ago doing (free) gig posters for some independent music productions until “JA Designs” came up as an idea. I began to pursue design full-time at a telecommunication company where I gained a lot of experience in the artistic field.

I find it interesting to work on 99designs to practice my passion. I work hard on every detail of my designs to achieve greatness and, fortunately, I have won several contests.


Twitter profile: Dimex

What interests you about social media design?

Honestly, it’s one of the least prized categories here on 99designs. I find myself in less competition with other great designers on the site. After I joined (and won) a few Facebook design contests, I began to enjoy it more and found it easy to work on. It is challenging to think of something that is out-of-the-box, catchy and appealing to most of the clients.

There’s a lot of customizable social media pages out there. Want to let our community know about a few?

Facebook is the current leader, with the highest number of users around the globe. Other popular social media includes Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. For me they are not used as frequently, but are still necessary for every business in order to expand their modes of communication.

When designing them, you must be aware of current design requirements such as dimensions and the layout of each page. They keep changing the look of their sites!


Facebook page cover: PlugPuzzle

What are some important things to consider about your audience on social media?

Social media is a powerful advertising tool, since it is interactive and very dynamic. Businesses can target customers easily through it and can be less formal than usual. You must attract attention in order to be effective.

What do you enjoy about working with 99designs?

As a designer, 99designs will really boost your creativity. You can choose what to work on from thousands of contests. Also, you will gain inspiration from other designers. It is very fulfilling to win contests with very delighted clients.


Everything Connects: Facebook, Google+ and Twitter

Do you have your own customized social media page?

I always keep my social media pages simple so that the messages I need to communicate are clear. For me, as a designer, it is important for the social media account to regularly update images to promote your new designs. But if you have one good-looking design that will serve as a default – that would also be great.

How do you see social media design changing in the coming years?

Users of social media are continuously growing and their layouts are changing every year. I definitely think that social media design has the potential to become a requisite in every business.

I think there will be more demand for it in the future and I see myself continuously developing social media artworks that will create more opportunities for me to improve my craft.

Check out The JA Designs’ Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages to see how he manages and designs his own social media accounts.