Meet OnlydeeStudio — an Indonesian designer who’s multi-talented in logo design and does jaw-dropping illustrations in different mediums like watercolor.

Name: Dian Wahyuningrum
Location: Indonesia
99designs handle: Onlydee*
Projects won: 30

How did you get started in design?

I started drawing when I was 5 years old. I went to college and studied Product Design, then decided to major in Fashion Design. After graduating, I opened my own clothing line and small creative studio.

I love art and design! It’s not a matter of money… designing makes me happy. I get happy seeing how far I can push myself and improve my skills. I use to hate using design programs but now I’m learning because of 99designs.

Tea by the Sea logo

How do you get your inspiration?

I love classic, rustic and artsy looks from posters to furniture to old pictures and folk music. The desaturated color mixed with bright color, and unusual shape, is memorable for me.

I also love making friends especially when I become friends with someone creative. It inspires me so much to see that creativity is unlimited, and it reminds me that we cannot judge people’s taste, it has a different beauty.

Eat, drink, jobs

What led you to start using 99designs?

I started using 99designs in Nov 2011 — it was my first time designing a logo and using Illustrator. (I’m a new kiddo on this!) I usually draw manually and scan it into Photoshop… learning by doing is my best teacher!

After several wins, I built a relationship with a great client. The best part is their feedback because it helps me explore the designing process more. I maintain a close relationship with them even if it’s only to say Hi or a good luck with their business.

Logo by OnlydeeStudio

What are the three most important things that designers can do to have success at 99designs?

  1. Pick the right contest – if you match your skills to the right contest then it will be easier for you to think of a concept
  2. Concept – original concepts will stand out. Make sure to give several different styles or alternatives. It’s okay if you get eliminated because you can feature it in your portfolio and show off your style to future clients
  3. Communication – I always have tons of questions to ask, not because I don’t read the brief, because I want to get to know the client’s personal style a bit more and make sure I don’t miss any details

Why do you think design is important?

Designing makes life easy and functional. Everything around us is design, from the chairs we sit in to the menus we read at restaurants — all of this was created through a design process.

Art by OnlydeeStudio

How do you see the field of graphic design changing in the next few years?

I believe graphic design is and will always be important to businesses. A professional look can make an impact, gain more awareness and target the right market. It’s not only about designing but the concept behind it all.

Art by OnlydeeStudio

Are there any other mediums or forms of art that you like to work in?

This is my latest water color project. I will have a small showcase soon.

Art by OnlydeeStudio

Describe your hometown. Do your surroundings impact your design style?

I moved from Jakarta, the capital, to Ubud — a traditional cultural village in Bali. I could not stand the city traffic, so I moved to a peaceful small town. I live on the 3rd floor that look out on rice fields and mountains. Every morning is a magical time because I see the sunrise which has the best color scheme ever!

Ubud is known for its art scene and is the best place for yoga (Bali spirit festival is a famous, yearly event), eating organic food and going to the spa. Oh and of course it’s a great source of inspiration since it’s by a lot of nature.

Art by OnlydeeStudio