It’s finally that season when you get to give back to all of the best designers in your life with goodies to help them work better in the next year. We’ve assembled a little collection of our favorite beautifully designed and useful gifts for designers this year, scaling from from the ultra-affordable to that dream-worthy “someday…” gift.

Happy Holidays!

Young Designers Kit: Sharpener

Young Designers Kit Sharpener - Designer Gift Guide

As the least expensive item on this list, this is a delightful go-to stocking stuffer for your favorite analog drawing fan. Plus, check out that vintage baby bird!

£2.50 at The Design Museum Shop

Autopoint mechanical pencil

Best Made - Designer Gift Guide

And in case you’re not in the mood to sharpen your pencils by hand, Best Made Company has created their “All American” set of aesthetically tuned writing implements.

$6 at Best Made Co

Niu desk organizer

Niu - Designer Gift Guide

This modular cork desk system is totally customizable to your design needs. There’s a receptacle to hold post-its, business cards, paperclips, pencils, phones, tape, and paper — and a pencil sharpener to boot.

Each item between 12.00 €24.00 € at Ubi Kubi

Archer day planner

Active Notebook - Designer Gift Guide

Sick of using your smartphone for all of your tasks? This journal helps you track weather, personal habits, even meals, expenses, and vices — all in addition to the day, date, and appointment functionality of your bygone era planners.

$24.99 at The Active System Co.

Artifact Uprising wooden photo calendar

Artifact Uprising - Designer Gift Guide

It’s functionality and aesthetics, with a personal touch. With Artifact Uprising, you can upload 12 of your best images — photos, designs, or anything else, to a beautifully designed minimalist calendar, pinned against a wooden backdrop.

$29.99 at Artifact Uprising

Native Union night cable

Native Union - Designer Gift Guide

A nice, extra long charging cable for your mobile device (10 feet long!), and designed to be tangle-free. It also features a weighted knot that can be anchored to any flat surface. It comes both in the Apple lighting and Micro-USB connectors, and in three different colors.

$39.99 at Native Union

Bhold Cable clip and wrap

Bhold - Designer Gift Guide

Designed to mimic that vintage ball-and-jack, Bhold offers the Bbouncy Cable Clip and Bspun Cable Wrap, helping to keep all of your cords both computer and mobile device, be organized. Plus, Bhold creates their beta-tested minimalists designs through 3D printing.

$45 at Bhold

Tablio mini desk

Tablio - Designer Gift Guide

This Kickstarter-funded portable workspace for your laptop, that allows you to work anywhere. It provides heat barrier and air circulation between the computer and whatever surface it’s on, as well as fold-out space for a mouse.

$57 – $197 via rldh

Maybelle Imasa Modern Mogrephy calligraphy kit

Calligraphy - Designer Gift Guide

Maybelle Imasa Stukuls, calligrapher, designed this kit exclusively for Poketo. It includes black ink, a wooden resting block, pen and nib, practice book and worksheets, letter press card all contained in an elegant canvas tote bag.

$60 at Pocketo

Deep sea sand art

Deep Sea - Designer Gift Guide

What is that I hear calling? Oh, just my childhood. For anyone who grew up in the 90s, you were familiar with ocean sand art, gracefully falling in layers of colors. Now conveniently available via Uncommon Goods, by creator Klaus Bosch.

$85 via Uncommon Goods

Kangaroo light

Kangaroo - Designer Gift Guide

From the geniuses who brought us the Ostrich Pillow, comes the Kangaroo light. It’s a portable and interactive personal light, that can be controlled and tailored to your light needs via smartphone.

$119 via Studio Banana

Adobe Ink & Slide

Ink & Slide - Designer Gift Guide

Adobe gets in the interactive stylus game with Ink, a pressure-sensitive pen, paired with Slide, a digital ruler. Combining the two allows you to draw basically any shape you want onto an iPad.

$176 via Amazon

Topo Designs x Woolrich Rover Pack

Topo - Designer Gift Guide

Colorado brand Topo specializes in meticulously designed and vintage-inspired outdoor bags. This particular edition in partnership with Woolrich incorporates rich fabrics into Topo’s classic color palette and backpack design. While it may look a little rugged, it’s a great option for carrying around a laptop or other design supplies.

$198 at Topo

PLAY:1 wireless speaker by Sonos

Sonos - Designer Gift Guide

Every designer needs to listen to some jamz sometimes. Sonos’ elegant and compact speaker is completely controlled via mobile, tablet, and computer, and still packs an auditory punch.

$199 via Sonos

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift - Designer Gift Guide

Maybe your designer friend needs a little break, and a good dose of virtual reality. It’ll be released to the public yet in early 2016, but there are already game designers, filmmakers, and artists galore experimenting with the medium. Now is just the right time to start using it!

Will be released Q1 2016 (IOU?)


OneLess - Designer Gift Guide

Including a desk, stand, and file, this beauty – and the most expensive option on our list, is a convenient all-in-one work of design art. Again, modular, something frequently found in great home office design, it’s meant to look great and store everything you need it to, all at once.

$1,097 via Heckler Design

Anything else to add to our designer gift guide? Let us know in the comments!