With summer swiftly on its way we’ve compiled 10 new free fonts that are fresh off the press and worth having in your font library. Each summer font has been accompanied by an inspirational background image to help steer you towards a successful aesthetic and application.

Keep in mind that some of these fonts (while free for personal use) require a license for commercial purposes, which sometimes involves purchase. Enjoy!

milkshake font
State Library of Queensland (via Flickr)

Milkshake is a font whose name says it all. Think cold vanilla milkshakes on a hot summer day. This font is great for design jobs that need to communicate the feeling of a tried-and-true classic. It could also work great for food carts or trucks, baseball team shirts, or slogan t-shirts.

esencia font
Patrick Jourdheuille (via Flickr)

Esencia is a summer font which speaks to the many inherent sensibilities of the season’s flowers—drama, exploding shapes and fragrance. The letter forms borrow from the Art Deco era, yet come with unexpected twists and turns, especially the accents off the tops of certain characters.

steelworks font
Michael Pardo (via Flickr)

With its worn letterforms and rough-yet-refined letterforms, Steelworks is a font which is great for those hard-working businesses that keep banging away all summer long. With that said, the capital letterforms are quite elegant and could even be dropped into an event invitation with a DIY or Etsy-like sensibility.

hold jacket font
Tom VH (via Flickr)

It’s always good to have a digital, technology-driven font in your library and Holo Jacket is a great choice. It works great for bicycle, sports, wristwatch, camping gear or athletic graphic design applications.

they perished font
Mark Dries (via Flickr)

No summer is complete without a zombie horror flick. They Perished is a font which captures just that feeling in its lower letterform degradations. Bust this font out anytime you need to conjure that 80s B movie horror vibe.

antique font
Green Kosi (via Flickr)

Antique Paleoindonesia is one of those goofy free fonts that you never think would be useful the first time you see it. Upon closer look however, it is really fun, and there’s actually nothing wrong with a goofy graphic design, especially in the heat and fun of summer.

Use Antique Paleoindonesia for personal graphic design applications such as party invites and birthday cards, or even in professional applications such as sale flyers or even large format posters with single letters blown up large.

dwight frye font
Elizabeth (via Flickr)

For all you parents out there comes the font Ballad of Dwight Frye. This summer font is perfect for childrens’ books or birthdays, designs aiming for a block print look, or even product packaging for kitchen tools or otherwise!

metro grunge font
heat13her (via Flickr)

Metro Grunge has that pastoral picket fence feeling that many designers are seeking when working on wedding designs, antique store flyers, or up-cycle shop signs.

suburbana font
r a c h e l (via Flickr)

Along similar lines to the Milkshake font comes Suburbana. It contains a similar retro feel, yet in a different flavor. This one is perhaps more 80s and has a flair of hipster aesthetic. Think ice cream, t-shirt designs and party posters.

bonoco font
Daniel Cukier (via Flickr)

Lastly, Bonoco fills the gap for that Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s style advertising. It rides the edge of Hawaiian design and speaks to natural foods and products. This font would work great for supermarket advertising or signage, fruit stands or even beach side food carts.

What are your favorite summer fonts? Comment below!