Behind every great design is an even greater story. Today we’d like to introduce you to Dan Scalco, founder and CEO of digital marketing agency, Digitalux.

Dan Scalco Digitalux

Dan Scalco and his team at Digitalux have one mission: “Small or big, it’s really just helping people.” This dedication to the client, no matter the size, has produced many happy clients and the happier they are, “the more they wanted to refer their friends,” he notes. Dan share’s a few of his top-tips for finishing in first by putting your clients first.

Freelance to Founder

Dan Scalco came to digital marketing in a less-than-traditional way. As he describes it, his “pretty unprofessional” start happened when he began freelancing on his own after having difficulty finding a job that fit his personality and work habits. He started his own digital advertising agency in 2011 and quickly found success, growing from Dan the one-man-freelancing-machine to Digitalux the full-service-digital-marketing-agency in less than one year.

In less than a year, Digitalux doubled the size of its client roster. This quick growth was fueled in part by Dan prioritizing his clients, putting them before just about everything aside from eating and sleeping. As the amount of clients grew, so too did the agency; within two years, the Digitalux team doubled in size.

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The Client Comes First

Dan and the team at Digitalux always have their eyes on one prize: exceeding the expectations of the client. Dan has a few strategies to keep clients smiling:

1. Unwavering Dedication

“I’m at a point in my life where I don’t have giant responsibilities. I have the ability to devote everything to the work [and] that allows me to put my best foot forward with my clients.” Not every business owner has the capacity to dedicate himself so single-mindedly to his work and clients, but Dan sees this type of commitment as the factor that differentiates him from his competitors. For example, one night a potential client called, wanting to meet that very evening. Dan, dropped what he was doing and immediately left his office in north New Jersey to drive two hours to meet the client.

2. A Guided Approach

Digital marketing services—like search engine optimization, conversion optimization and email marketing— can be nebulous and esoteric concepts for clients. It’s up to Dan and his team to help them understand how these services will be beneficial. As Dan puts it, “going into a presentation and laying the groundwork for someone who isn’t sure about digital marketing” was critical to the process of making them comfortable.

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3. Competing with Giants

How do Dan and the lean, mean team at Digitalux compete with huge agencies and their huge work forces? They utilize tools such as 99designs to quickly and efficiently turn ideas into deliverables for clients. Dan often looks to the 99designs community to take initial concepts and turn them into physical designs that can be presented to clients in 24 to 48 hours. “What I like most is it’s a streamlined process. I can go out and find a freelancer, but the process of doing that is arduous and clunky and time consuming. 99designs allows me to do this in three steps,” says Dan. Digitalux has used 99designs for help with infographics, website design and email templates.

Friends of Friends

Dan Scalco and the team at Digitalux have helped numerous companies achieve growth through digital marketing. Dan’s monastic-level dedication to his clients and the field of digital marketing has led to him being listed as one of the top 100 Influencers and Brands in Digital Marketing by Onalytica. The success of his clients has led to a testimonial page full of praise for Digitalux and numerous referrals from those happy businesses.

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Digitalux is still a pretty small fish in a big pond of marketing agencies, but they are able to give the sharks a run for their money by putting their clients above all else and utilizing tools such as 99designs to quickly adjust to client needs. Dan started his marketing career a little differently than most but has been able to grow into an expert on this industry. His talents are sought after by clients large and small and business publications such as Inc., The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur. His commitment to his client’s best interests is the base of the strong reputation he has developed.