Can barbecue be chic? There’s not a lot that’s more american than a summertime BBQ. But the food doesn’t always bring to mind great design. If you’ve passed any BBQ hut on the street, you might envision orange char marks against the silhouette of a dark Texas bull, bright yellow lettering loudly glaring out. Or maybe a silly illustration of a pig with a butcher knife, a macabre dance disguised in shiny, happy colors.

But as this culinary art grows and spreads all through the country in it’s variations, creatives behind these brands are bringing beautiful visuals to help sell their specialty meats. Some of our favorite recent picks are below:

Logo for Delaney BBQ’s


Delaney BBQ of Brooklyn, New York, uses a classic depiction of meat-cuts on the simple outline of a steer for their logo design.

Backwoods BBQ


Sturdy MFG Co of Austin, Texas has created a great label for Backwoods BBQ — etching the shape of a pine tree into a bootleg-inspired mason jar, and finishing up with a set of great display fonts.

Logo for Hooch BBQ Sauce


Who says hot iron brands can’t be cool? Designer Tmas has found an elegant way to impart the idea of the hot iron poker so traditionally allied with BBQ branding.

Apparel for 4 Rivers Smokehouse

4 rivers smokehouse-1

Patrick Daley incorporates all of our favorite animals in his apparel design for the 4 Rivers Smokehouse in Florida. Like we like our ribs, it’s stacks on stacks on stacks.

Poster design for Pop Montreal


We wouldn’t expect anything less from a BBQ event sponsored by MailChimp than a bright, simple party-on-a-poster (designed by artist David Sizemore.)

Web design for Franklin BBQ


Franklin BBQ samples from the music scene that makes it’s hometown in Austin, Texas so famous. A retro design in bright colors is posted against the basic backdrop of a butcher’s paper for the right balance of old and new.

Logo for Barrel & Boar

Barrel & Boar-1

99er OrangeCrush got inspired by the aged look of the hipster BBQ scene for a logo for Ohio’s Barrel & Boar BBQ.

Packaging for Slapfat Brew-B-Q


The creatively named Slapfat Devil is design by it’s creator, Ryan Feerer, combining the best of two worlds — the devilish imagery of a spicy hot condiment with the typography and layout of a highbrow alcohol design bottle, to make a wickedly fun product.

The Healthy BBQ


BBQ is a lot of things, healthy is not generally one — but designer Barrios1 has managed to find a way to make this healthy company look green, highlighting the fresher colors and adding a bit of plant-based imagery.

Logo for The Tar Pit Smokehouse

Tar Pit-1

Jen Pelham‘s smokehouse may be fictional, but it doesn’t take away from it’s charming play on word “pit”— we love a clever branding scheme.

Menu design for Holy Cow BBQ

Holy Cow-1

Santa Monica’s Holy Cow fades that old school illustration, focusing on the bold logo and a grid-style layout with great typography in their menu design by Farm Design

Vehicle Wrap design for Smokey Denmark

Smokey Denmark

McGarrah Jesse has created a whole host of amazing design for Smokey Denmark, including logos and websites and Facebook pages and menues. But our favorite is the vehicle design a bright beacon of mobile advertising.

Logo design for Woodpile


TDDesign99 does it in the badge style, using that fire burning behind the scenes of BBQ, the red hot flames creating the smokey flavor that makes this meat worth waiting in lines for.

Label Design for Yellow Jacket

Yellow Jacket-1

Kendrick Kidd has perfectly captured the essence of a summer day bbq with a completely different image and style than we usually see in the BBQ design, for Florida brand Yellow Jacket.

Baby Back Ribs logo

Baby Back

Jose Canales created this amazing image to help fundraise for his adoption, a vintage single-color stencil to wow.

Let us know if you have any favorite barbecue designs in the comments!