Often times a good logo design can help exemplify and convey some of the defining characteristics of a brand or company.

An easy way to inject some character… is with a character (of course).

If you’re looking to create a brand that’s strong, reliable, fun and a cut above the rest, look no further than the superhero.

Earth Girl mascot

Designer: antz

She’s cute, she’s smart and she’s got the power of the World Wide Web at her fingertips. Her warm smile and delicate details help to convey an approachable and friendly service.

Super Plumber logo

Designer: d!

The primary color palette is reminiscent of a certain man of steel. Add in some subtle gradient touches and you’ve got a company packing a powerful punch.

Local Hero Illustrated Cover Page

Designer: dorarpolhendra

From the classic comic book font to the bold and dynamic colors, this inviting cover illustration is full of excitement and awe.

Character Illustration

Designer: gomas99

Who said all superheroes have to wear a mask and a billowing cape? The sleek monochromatic details in this modern day character design exudes strength and confidence, while the pop of auburn hair color creates a warm contrast.

Illustration for Arbor Brewing Company

Designer: henxq

This caricature styled illustration is full of humor and joyfulness. The radiating lines keep drawing your eyes in to the elaborate details like his brilliant smile and his keg-pouring-barbell. It’s always a fun time at this brewery.

Divorce Heroes logo

Designer: jagpot

This dynamic duo is determined to have your back. Complimentary colors of blue and gold are cleverly and strategically utilized to form separate pieces to a unified whole.

Patch Hero logo

Designer: masha hajders

The contrast between the bright earth tones and the warming rays of the sun convey a happy and healthy team full of energy.

Microweber mascot

Designer: moroz_tamas

From his mighty gold accents to his immaculately coifed hair, this superhero is the epitome of perfection.

BoxOfficeHero logo

Designer: sapto7

Iconic and impactful – the clean lines and simple geometric shapes create a bold and powerful masked hero.

Tiny Hero logo

Designer: xxnikoxx

The mix of varying line quality help create a hero full of spunk. He may be tiny but he’s got enough charm and charisma to win anyone over.

What’s your favorite superhero design? Please share in the comments.