Artists have always been drawn to, and inspired by, the natural world. In recent years creative minds have started looking to nature to find beautifully functional design solutions. They have even created a design philosophy, Biomimicry, based on the concept that nature knows best. Check out our top list of 18 incredible designs inspired by nature.

1. Seasons Dishware by Nao Tamura


These leaves are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. The flexible silicone means that you can roll them up, stack them, or use them to cradle your food in your hand.

2. Cy’s Steakhouse Tavern Logo by Kyle Poff


This elegant design utilizes the fibonacci pattern most commonly found in a sunflower. Coupled with the monogram it makes for a very elegant logo.

3. Ouzo Thoukis by Marios Karystios & George Tzavaras


This whimsical packaging features a minimalist twist on the drink’s primary ingredient, fennel.

4. Fastskin Swimwear by Speedo


This new technology layers microscopic scales on top of each other to make the wearer glide through the water like a shark. It was a controversial innovation in the world of professional swimming.

5. Brand Identity for Chengdu Civil Organization Service Park by Buddy


The combination of the fibonacci pattern and the panda face makes this brand identity playfully unique.

6. Nautilus House by Arquitectura Orgánica


This Mexico City house was designed to give the inhabitants the sense that they live inside a snail shell.

7. Record Sleeve by Snøhetta Design


This clever record sleeve unfolds into full sized leaf. It was created to accompany the musical score for the Italian film “La solitudine dei numeri primi.”

8. Painting Number 7 by Gary Andrew Clarke


Gary Andrew Clarke uses geometric patterns found in nature to create these bold paintings.

9. Zen Perfume by Igor Mitin


These sculptural perfume bottles showcase an expert level of detail and realism while invoking the calming beauty of nature.

10-13. Fibonacci Logos by Jake Reed, Breno Bitencourt, Rich Baird, and Grey Jay


These logos uses the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio to modernize patterns found in nature.

14. Real Time Wind Map by

Windmap has created a stunning real time map of the wind patterns in the United States. This one will keep you mesmerized for hours and they even include a gallery of interesting weather events.

15. Martinique Wallpaper at The Beverly Hills Hotel


This popular wallpaper has become an iconic symbol of The Beverly Hills Hotel and has been featured in many movies and television shows.

16. Woodpecker Ice Axe by Camp


This ice axe uses the shape of a Woodpecker’s head, chest, and beak, to create a climbing tool that efficiently cuts through ice.

17. Moss Bath Mat by Nguyen La Chanh


This bit of bathroom greenery uses the condensation from the shower, as well as the water dripping off of your body to stay alive and soft underneath your feet!

18. Airless Tires by Polaris Industries


These airless tires use the structural concept of a honeycomb to provide enough support and compression for some serious all terrain driving.

Which of these nature designs would you use?